Imagination and Reality

You are an imagination!
You are a reality!
You are the smile my lips wear,
You are the silence I wanna hear.
You are the Sunshine in my skies,
You are the laughter in my eyes.
You are the canvas, I’m painted in,
You are the story, I’m written in.
You are the sweet aroma after heavenly showers,
The happiness around, the colors in the flowers.
You are the dark that lights up everything,
You are a sweet melody, a song I wanna sing.
You are the hands I wanna hold,
You are the coffee in cold!
You are the stars, the moon, the night!
You are my heart’s favourite sight.
You, you are a reason to laugh, live or even slay,
A mountain, a valley, you are a place to escape away.
You are the world I’m living in.
You are the heart I’m beating in.
Oh! You,
A smile, a frown ,a tear, a laugh!
The innocence in a child.
The silence in the wind.
The music in the leaves.
The depth in the seas.
The silence in the winters.
The sun in the summers.
The tenderness in rain.
The sweetness in pain!

You, you are my imagination!
You are my reality!


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