My little glass window

A little footstep on the fresh grass ground

Heading towards the unfolding of new leaf around

The dew drops shining pearly white

Or the blue sky adored with child’s red kite

Oh! I look around these colors so bright

Spreading boldly all over my sight

The eyes get mesmerized at one wide glance

Times and more how could you miss such a chance

Why this cage had to became my home to make me feel the freedom out there?

Why this gloom had to climb up to make me feel the smiles out there?

I ponder and ponder,

I look and look at the bounty outside, 

from my little glass window! 



I am just an ordinary teenage girl in the crowd, just like you. writing is more than a hobby, more than a passion but its the way i breath, feel alive and free. i seek freedom of thoughts. i explore, think, write and share!

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