Chapter 1

Darkness consuming her, suddenly, a transformation took place from that darkroom into that small hole, that small dark but deep hole and the floor was vanishing. She fell! Oh, she was sinking into that depthless, bottomless well of darkness. There was no escape! No help! She wanted to cry, but couldn’t as if those cries were frozen inside, she was going down and down, she felt she will die. Suddenly her body reaches the ground, she is now in the land of nowhere she looked around, “where am I?” dark trees, not a single sign of leaves, loose mud covered with brown burnt grasses, no end of this. The heat so scorching as the heat of hundred suns, her blood was drying, her body was burning. She cried at the top of her lungs, but there was no one to hear her.

She got up to run, as she started running her feet suddenly jammed as if she was stuck, she made efforts to move but couldn’t. she was again sinking and sinking deep into that ground. The creepy scum was climbing up her bare body, she tried to shed it off but it grew up again it was like her whole soul was dipped in tar and there were no cleaning agents in this world. Her ears banging up with the noises, noises coming from far away, somewhere far. Noises of laughter, cries, tears, oh! It was killing her she shut her ears but of no uses those noises growing up louder. she yelled suddenly and with full efforts she woke up.

3.27 am the clock beside her bed showed she got up from the bed, her body was perspiring a lot, cold sweat all over her body. She went to the bathroom to wash her face, the cold water as it touched her, producing new sensation of reality of that night far away from that nightmare of hers. She came back and sat on that couch near that big glass window she glanced outside, nothing but a moonlit darkness she glanced at the stars.

It was again one of the dark nights she had witnessed before, nothing new but the pain the fear was still afresh still haunting her and bestowing her those sleepless nights. The pain was successful in drying up her tears, but could have no effect on the fears.

She slept on the couch, until Radhika’s call wake her up at 8.39 am.

At the glance of 8.40 am, “oh fish!” she yelled. She got up clutched the toothbrush, removed her shirt and direct into the shower. The first lecture was at 9.10 am, and she was late. She came back with her hair drenched and her cell phone continuously ringing with Radhika’s call.

8.55 am.

She took that only ironed, black shirt and blue jeans and a pair of clean socks from the cupboard and dressed up. She looked at the clock. 9.01 am. It took her at least ten minutes to reach the college. She was late. She took the hair dryer and started drying her hair in a subtle, quick manner. She took her handbag, grabbed a notebook and rushed. 

She put on the shoes and took a quick look at the round mirror near the door. She glanced at herself, small black eyes, and much smaller eyelashes, round face with her little nose, beige complexion. Those brown curls hanging up to her waist, little pearly water drops falling from those curls, her black shirt covering her curvy figure, her small lips which curved around to give that one-dimpled smiled she’d got. Obviously Neonika wasn’t an epitome of heavenly beauty but, Neonika was pretty in her own way. 

She locked the door and went downstairs. She crossed the road and waited for the bus and glanced at her mobile, 9.10 am and 11 missed rings – Radhu. Certainly, for the first class, it was her bunk. 

 She reached the college at 9.25, the next class was at 9.50 she went to the canteen grabbed a coffee and a sandwich. Her first lecture after the end term vacation. It was Neonika!


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