Have you ever felt a sudden surge of helplessness overpowering you, you know all of sudden you feel kinda weak? Imagine, its like a thorn has pierced your hand, its bleeding a lot, its hurting you, but still you are unable to pluck it out. You’re helpless.

That’s how I feel when I’m not able to be with you, when you need me. Distances can never separate us, but still I couldn’t bear the thought of you suffering.

People, situations, experiences,  who have been bad to you, filled your heart with hatred and pushed you in that darkness, I swear I wanna destroy them. Those who took away your innocence, murdered that little, carefree child inside you, I really wish I could tear off those monstrous faces! Hey look, you see the effect of hate? Look its taking over me also, but I don’t wanna fill my heart with hatred for people who’ve been wrong to you, you know why? Because that hatred for them is negligible, when I compare it with my love for you. 

I never wanted a very big importance for myself in your life and even today I don’t ask for one. All I want is a little space, to see a happy you. 

You told me you hated everything, you hated to hope, feared to be happy, I remember.  But you know what, today when I see how far you have come along,  when you are happy and say things like ‘everything will be fine… ‘ and ‘I hope… ‘ my heart rejoices,  it’s just I am so happy! 

But even then if today, when you’re past comes over your present smile, I feel helpless.  When that well of hatred and darkness pulls you back, I feel helpless for not being there with you. 

I know you’ll be alright you’ll fight back but, still I want to be with you, there next to you in that dark night, holding hands until we together see the sun. 

I can’t say that I have got a magic wand and I’ll vanish all your problems in a second but yes, I have  got those little hands and they’ll keep holding your’s when a problem comes there. You’ll never face them alone, never. 

I know one day all your suffering will end, that hatred inside you will vanish. Don’t fight the people or situations outside fight with that hatred, that darkness inside you. If you ever get wounded just look around I’m there with you. You’ll defeat it. Because behind your anger and hatred  I’ve seen a little child  starving for love, that child who’ve been lost longtime back. And I know one day I’ll get back that child. 

For centuries hatred have devastated this world. Yes, I live in a fantasy world, it’s much better than this shallow world,  full of malice. And I wanna share this super stupid fantasy world with you. 

But you know human nature!  Being a human, sometimes I’m filled with a desire if I really had a magic wand!  I would have taken you away from all this. Oh I wish I had! 

Never cease to hope,  never stop dreaming!  Hatred can never win. Don’t let the darkness around you overpower the light inside you, its much brighter! 

Believe in yourself ’cause I do.:) 




I am just an ordinary teenage girl in the crowd, just like you. writing is more than a hobby, more than a passion but its the way i breath, feel alive and free. i seek freedom of thoughts. i explore, think, write and share!

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