The Handwriting tag! 

This week was a busy one, I had my exams and they are still on! Seems like they’ll never end.  But let it go,  here i found something really awesome,  NewMoonPlan tagged me to this, you better read her blog its adorable,  you’ll love it.  Well to this task, firstly i don’t write very neat!  But the task is fun,  here are my answers –

Oh but firstly the rules-

  • Write your name. 
  • Write your blog’s name.
  • Write something nice. 
  • Write the name of your favorite song, currently. 
  • What are you writing with? 
  • Write a fun fact about yourself. 
  • Write /draw your favourite emoticon. 
  • Write a silly message. 
  • Write to whom are you tagging this. 

I haven’t  written all the names as you can see the page was about to end. So here are the names of  blogs to whom I’m tagging this. 

Guys I am sorry if you’re already into this,  and one more thing its not compulsory to do it but i personally stress do participate.  Its fun!  ☺ 

Every one who reads this can also participate , its open for all. So do try this! 

Till next,  enjoy your freedom and love yourself! 



18 thoughts on “The Handwriting tag! 

  1. what a cute post! it was fun to read it – and your definition of life is awesome, it’s like a mini blog post, so thoughtful! I read the da vinci code twice and loved it too 😀 but how do you talk to it?

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    1. Thanks a lot ! I am happy you liked it. Whenever I am alone I take the book place it next to me, we both sit in front of my room window and i open my heart to it. ” How was the day…what i ate… Which part i liked in you…. Manier time i tell it about some different ending i have thought about it.. ” its like the book is my friend, it enhances my imagination! You see its another way I give solace to myself.
      Thank you. 😊xx

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      1. That’s so cool! It’s like a different way to keep a diary as well. You know, writing htings down or simply speaking them out does have a calming effect on us. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. Ahh your handwriting reminds me of one of my student’s writing. Whhhhy did you tag me in this?😭 Over the years my beautiful handwriting has evolved (or devolved) into a typical teacher’s handwriting (aka lots of scribbles) lollll… but I am going to attempt this tag nonetheless. You have used such pretty paper too, my post will be disappointing I’m just letting you know x

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    1. Handwriting of a teacher…. I would love to see. Learning about a sweet teacher….. I would love to. ♥
      By the way can’t you see mine is also not that good.
      Your posts never dissapoints me, never…. ☺ xx.

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  3. This was a unique post. I loved it.
    And your handwriting seems good, but the click isn’t properly carried out.
    But, that did not matter here.
    Keep blogging. There’s a lot more.

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      1. Hey Saiz, i haven’t mentioned your blog on my post “the handwriting tag” but it’ll be great if you participate. I wish you’d.


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