Spring misses you Gauraiya..


Today is another beautiful day here; you see Himachal is especially beautiful during this time of year. The long cold winters are going, spring stands ahead smiling, the warmth of the noon sun, the soft breeze of evening, clear blue sky so close to us, the snow is melting, hills are undergoing transformation from white to green. During this time here we welcome number of guests who come to adore spring in hills.

Recently on 20th march we celebrated “world sparrow day”. Here the little house sparrow is called “Gauraiya”. The little brown colored sweet bird could be found easily in every house veranda, perching on window grills, smiling on the roof, playing on the ground, everywhere! But now if you want to see gauraiya I fear if you would. You may have to go long distance away in villages to see that sweet bird and even for this I am not sure, because gauraiya is declared as endangered and a recent report says it may become extinct soon.

Credits: aliens… natural disasters… zombies… or international conspiracy….? An innocent mind may think about all these options, because this nowhere seems to be a deed of humans defined by their virtue of humanity. But the bitter truth is that the humans (just biologically Homo sapiens, not morally!) did this to gauraiya.


Research suggests that, the mobile towers and the radiations are the prime cause of it, it harms the bird. Well another not so official research suggests that the extinction of gauraiya is not only due to setting up of mobile towers in places but the setting up of “ignorance towers” in human heart. The mindless urbanization and lack of human connect for nature causes this. We are becoming emotionally numb; our world is so much surrounded by technology that we have forgotten about humanity and values.

Earlier women used to clean grain outside their houses and gauraiya would have plenty of food from there. Children use to build sparrow houses outside homes. All of this was a human touch.

When I was four I used to play in park there were lot of red roses there, I remember my grandmother used to say don’t pluck flowers during evenings, goddess “Saraswati” resides in them, if you do she’ll curse you ! Don’t tease mice, he’s lord Ganesha’s friend. And lot more. Now we think that old people were orthodox, superstitious but in way there teachings were concerned to Mother Nature, protecting it even by the use of fear!

Well it’s not the time for reminding values and philosophical stuff, but it’s time to stop; a brake should be put on the roller coaster ride of development, not forever but for a moment to think that what are we doing to nature, to planet of life.

John Keats said “thing of beauty is a joy forever”, beautiful things are source of happiness. Just imagine when you see a sunrise early morning the feelings during that time lasts impact on you whole day as a smile on your face. It’s the beauty of earth.

What I really feel is..


The lifeless silence of winters is shed

beauty all around as spring stands ahead.

The big trees attired in green

flowery earth bed that before wasn’t seen.

Life on earth is blooming now

soft showers of rain falling down.

The blue sky smiles, like prayers from heaven

joyous spring, greater than the wonders seven!

White cream on mountains flowing into rivers

warmth of golden sun, gone are cold shivers.

The naked trees will adore green

flowery denizens like always been.

The spring too miss you, Gauraiya

men has made enough hate towers

Nothing like your sweet chirping has that power

to bring smile on faces & bliss in life.

Come back little gauraiya, spring misses you.


Extinct means I would be never able to see it, well for that I am lucky as I have seen her in my childhood, but I doubt if my children would ever be able to see her. This is the legacy we are going to leave for our children. I am lucky for in my lifetime I have seen jungles, mountains, waterfalls,  animals, green grasses blue skies; for I have heard birds chirping, leaves rustling, bees singing; for I have felt sweet flowers, silver pearls plucked from heaven, for I have seen gauraiya. 



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