Letter to my Princess



Dear princess,

I know right now you must be playing out somewhere or probably taking your noon nap. You remember when we met last time before my departure , I recall you weren’t ready to eat your breakfast ( well you do that almost every day! ) ,you asked, when “ I’ll grow up like you didi (sister) ?”  And if drinking milk would do any help? I assured you that it will, you drank the glass and ran away, but I couldn’t sleep the whole night I was up wondering about your question. I realised you are growing up, I mean you are six now. You are getting taller day by day I can recall when first time I saw you were all pink covered  in that blue blanket, my angel.  I am twelve years older to you (but believe me you’re my best friend ) I have seen you growing up, your first step, your first words, how you use to cry all night, your innumerable questions and everything I remember it’s so precious to me. But your question about getting grown up like me somewhere pricks my conscience. I know right now you won’t understand my worry but believe me this letter isn’t to scare you but to help you enjoy your growing up, something that I too wanted.


When I was of your age I too wanted to get adult soon and do all the crazy things that I thought adults could do. To me being adult meant more freedom and I am sure you also think like that. Darling, but the reality is not like this. The kind of ‘growing up’ your sister has seen is something else. I don’t know if everyone faces situations like this.

Ageing is inevitable truth of nature. From a seed to big tree with fruits life goes on. Everything born on earth grows up and ends finally. But does growing up means you cease to be a child?


You know the difference between being adult and a child?. For adults problems are like a big wall, they are always desperate to cross this wall, hitting hard on it, climbing ladders; but crossing this wall seems impossible. For a child there exists no walls, no boundaries, to limit them.

During my years of growing up what I felt was, being adult means you no longer can play in rain and come home with dirty clothes; you no longer can cry out if you feel like ( otherwise you’ll be a cry baby, your new name among pals); you no longer can sit or stand the way you feel like ( girls shouldn’t do that there are protocols for girls how to behave); you observe the adults do preach of  love and care but they don’t act so lovingly for all, but you can’t question them. You can’t enjoy the freedom your brothers do, you can’t go there and you can’t do this and that! You see people dying of hunger and poverty, children working, women and children being abused, hatred & jealousy among people, animals dying and a lot more but you can’t question because the world is like this, it always have been like this.

You can’t question WHO MADE IT LIKE THIS?

They tell you to behave, to change yourself, not to question, but princess you will. You will grow up to be a beautiful girl, independent and totally free because you’ll not let the child inside you die.  You’ll grow up to be a free bird, no walls. Never let anyone change you, never think what others will think, JUST BE YOURSELF. Right now you are artless, innocent, you don’t know about hatred, cheating or lies. I know this world will let you know all this, but never loose your true self in all this. Sweetie I am not scaring you but just telling you, you are more free now in your childhood, enjoy it.

We all have got a child inside us but the worldly affairs make us forget about it, but you never let it go. Don’t change if world wants you to, you’re a pure soul, stay like this. I know you’ll grow up and I want you to explore this world yourself I’ll never put on my thinking on you, I want your experience to be a good one. You’ll get your own way but all I want is never loose that child inside you. And I really hope people try to change this world which has always been like this!

And for your didi you’ll always be the little crazy princess who doesn’t like milk! I am always there for you.

I love you. Enjoy darling it’s your time.




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