Be in Love

Almost every great pen in literary history has touched the subject of love, from Shakespeare’s Romeo to Wordsworth’s ballads;all love. What is love ? As science explains a human mind emotion generated as a result of chemical messengers called hormones; it looks so simple, but is it ? Ask the people  who are in love ! People call it philosophical but surprisingly its practical, you feel it, you live it!

I am  not going to narrate the story of love as  meetings ,attractions ,proposes , promises, lust, complications, cheats, heartbreaks,splits and tears ;but the very emotion of being in love . A tale of strangers, smiles, exchange of sights, sleepless nights, confusions, a sweet pain and an unconditional care. Not about what or how you fall for anyone but the emotion you experience ,the very essence of being in love, things that happen in your world when you let a stranger step in.


Love is limitless ,infinite, boundless, the most powerful energy flowing in this universe  and making things happen. People don’t fall in love but its something eternal generated by two souls. A  strange thing that how two completely different people complete each other and become the reason of each other’s existence!

It is not governed by distances, ages , caste, creed or religion; love is when you see someone and forget everything! Time stops literally. The face, so unknown but still your soul call it your own. A stranger  becomes the reason, why you smile very morning , the reason why you look so passionately in the mirror, the reason that makes you happy and forget all the pain,  the reason that makes you stare at the night sky so blankly. Everything changes, your world suddenly fills up with madness, all the fakes in the material world sheds away ,  your vision becomes clear.It is surprisingly the beauty of love, that we get to know our self after meeting a stranger.

An emotion that makes you smile foolishly, you don’t sleep at nights ’cause you feel your dreaming all the times. The world becomes beautiful, filled with brightness; all your fears go away; the rain showers feel so soft , you feel like floating.  You don’t need to be close to him\her you feel him\her around always! Suddenly you want to embrace every habit and quality dear to your beloved.


Your busy fast track life finds time to see the world, the rains, the blue sky, the stars, the birds, the air you breath in ,the rhythm of your heart. Believe love is like this. Its always been like this, even thousand years ago the feeling was same.Even today when people fall in true love, they feel these things in your  world. Its not philosophical, things you see in poetry, novels or movies;  people experience it in practical. Time couldn’t bring ravages to love, love wins over everything, even time!

It is your own feeling, an emotion that flows through yourself. Leave apart the confessions , promises or proposes , but something you feel all the time even in his\her absence. Your love is your own feeling , so enjoy and cherish it. I wrote earlier love is boundless, infinite how can i bind it in words?

Keep discovering new horizons, new meanings.

Don’t fall in love ’cause when things fall they break, be in love.


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